Why Choose Animation To Help Tell your Health Story?

Animation & health- the perfect match

Although the way healthcare is delivered can vary around the world, information must be delivered in a way that’s easy to understand. However, despite the efforts made in the past, this hasn’t always been the easiest thing to do.

The health information available can vary depending on the symptoms, and it’s fair to assume that not all the information available online can be relied on. Some of the information could be wrong, whereas other information could be contradictory.

Healthcare is one of the most important components of the infrastructure of society, but it must be operated in the right way to achieve benefits. When information isn’t retained, it can mean that patients aren’t getting the healthcare they need. It can also mean that nurses, doctors and other medical personnel aren’t fully understanding new regimes and practices.

Animation has paved the way for information to be relayed to a mass audience within the health industry and ensures that the information is more likely to be remembered.

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Animated Health Videos Can Improve Health Literacy

Health literacy can seem like an overwhelming term, but it refers to the way that information is delivered concerning basic health information and services. This means that consumers need to be given access to information that can be understood and retained easily.

Although some can assume that health literacy is only suffered by those that may have difficulty with reading, there can be several reasons as to why those reading health information are unable to process it in the right way, which include but aren’t limited to the following

  • Unfamiliarity with how their bodies work.
  • They have been diagnosed with a serious illness and are scared.
  • A complicated illness that means self-care can be overwhelming and confusing.

Being able to deliver information calmly ensures patients have a better understanding of their health and the treatments needed, while a medical professional can carry out treatments with confidence.

Patient Recall Can Be Increased Via the Use of Animated Health Explainer Videos

According to a study carried out at Brown University School of Public Health, patients often only retain 49% of the information given to them by their doctors. This can mean that many people aren’t being given the right level of treatment, simply because they’re unable to remember most of the information given to them by their doctor.

Offering health information via the use of animation allows patients to connect with the information being communicated as those viewing information will often follow the message through to the end.

Patient recall can be improved by filtering out the information they don’t need to know and including the most important information in a short explainer video.

The storytelling dynamics of animation ensures information can be delivered in a way that’s easy to understand, making it more likely the information will be retained.

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New Health Information for Nursing Staff Can Be Delivered Using Explainer Videos

It’s not only patients that can benefits from animated explainer videos, as they have also shown to be beneficial when showcasing new practices that need to be carried out by medical staff.

Some nursing staff can become overwhelmed in the way information is delivered, especially if there’s no clear indication of the focus of the practices.

As well as ensuring nursing practices are conveyed in a way that’s easy to understand, it also ensures that the all nurses are being given the same information, meaning that any new practices are being delivered in a uniformed way without confusion.

Offering Health Information Using Animation Helps Free Up Time

Regardless of whether you are operating under a healthcare program or working privately, there can be times when confusion can cause patients to contact medical professionals needlessly.

This isn’t to say that patients are trying to be difficult, but many are unable to understand some of the information they’re being told, which means they could worry more when they suffer from certain ailments.

Animated health videos offer a multitude of uses that allow public and private health care industries to make the best use of their time. Videos can be produced as to what patients can expect can surgery as well as any potential side-effects, while others may shed light on some frequently asked questions.

The use of health explainer videos can be also beneficial for relaying standard information to those starting new roles in a medical setting, meaning that more time can be invested in the treatment of patients.

Regardless of whether using one or several animated health videos, you can be confident that patients will be able to absorb the information easily while those working in the medial sector can stay informed about recent developments without feeling overwhelmed.

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Animated Explainer Videos Can Be Used Anywhere

The reason why more and more healthcare information is being delivered using animated explainer videos is that they can be used in any setting. Those looking to deliver health information to patients in a waiting room can use the videos in a waiting room, whereas those looking offering private services can use the videos on their website.

Animated health explained videos can be even be used on television when addressing a large demographic of people to ensure everyone in the are is fully aware of what steps need to be taken.

For animated health videos to have the desired effect, they need to be created by a seasoned professional. Benchmedia has several years’ experience in creating animated explainer videos for several different industries, including the health sector.

The expertise and professionalism of Benchmedia ensure that those in the medical profession have access to an affordable way of relaying information in a way that will be retained.

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