How Can Animation Help Train Staff Remotely During Coronavirus?

Digital Transformation during Covid-19

Given the current COVID-19 epidemic, businesses have been forced to think outside the box and bring a digital element to their business.

Although there has been a lot of uncertainty as to how a business should change its approach during such times, those that haven’t embraced the benefits of modern technology could find the process that little bit harder.

As well as changing how their business connects with customers, many have also had to change the way their employees carry out their role, often making use of remote learning and carrying out training in an online manner.

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The Challenges Faced When Digitally Transforming a Business

Those that have operated on a face-to-face basis as opposed to online more fear change, and that’s understandable. However, digitally transforming a business is something that can offer benefits in the long term.

Those that have had employees working in the business premises for a long time will understandably be concerned that productivity will drop, and training will become an issue. However, those taking advantage of the online world will already have several options available to them.

Although many businesses have been keen to embrace the concept of remote working, others may be more hesitant. However, recent developments have shown that businesses have had little choice other than to have faith in that employees can carry out roles sufficiently at home, especially during times of crisis.

This isn’t to say that the transition is always easy, and there can be times when instructions are interpreted in different ways. The concerns surrounding training can be easily counteracted by ensuring that every employee is viewing the same information, which in turn means using a method that’s suitable for all.

The use of animated explainer videos not only make the relaying of information easier but also ensures that those viewing the animation are more likely to retain the instructions.

The storytelling elements of the animated explainer video in conjunction with clear guidelines ensure a business can get the best from its remote workers.

Further Benefits of Animated Explainer Videos

Not only are animated explainer videos great for ensuring that employees are given access to training materials updates and information in a way that’s easy to understand, but they can be used in many other sectors of the business to help spread brand awareness and deal with customer queries.

The following is just an overview of some of the benefits animated video can offer when digitally transforming a business.

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Interact With Customers On A Grander Scale

Although telephone and email are still viable ways of communication, digitally overhauling the business means that there are more options available when it comes to communicating changes to a business.

For example, some businesses have restructured their business to help with the COVID-19 epidemic and have used explainer videos as to what these changes are and how they can benefit customers.

Of course, the used of animated videos isn’t limited to changes in the business, as they can also be used to explain an ordering process or address frequently asked questions.

Can Be Used in Conjunction with Other Media to Convery a Clear Message

Although animated explainer videos won’t be the only tools a company makes use of when digitally transforming their business, they complement other forms of media perfectly. For example, those looking to engage with more users on social networks will find that the inclusion of animated video with their posts often means more interaction.

The use of animated videos can also be used in conjunction with text and still images that help explain the background of the business, as well as addressing the benefits a product or service has. In short, the possibilities are endless.

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Improve The Customer Experience

Being able to digitally transform the business also means that it is using advancements in technology, making customer communication a lot easier. Customer expectations are high nowadays due to the instant response they receive from other customers, so those that update their workings could lose out to the competition.

The Benefits of Embracing a Digital Transformation in the Long Term

There’s no denying that there can be a lot of work that needs to be undertaken when a business digitally overhauling the business, but there are long-term benefits associated with the digital transformation of a business which includes but aren’t limited to the following.

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Enhance the Skills of Employees

Although it’s understandable why some people are concerned by remote working, having the right technology in place ensures that businesses can recruit those with the right skills and build on these moving forward, allowing for a more pro-active workforce.

The digital overhaul of the business also ensures that employees are given access to tools that may have not been possible otherwise, creating a world of possibilities when generating future businesses.

Become More Aware of What Customers Want

Updating the way a business operates ensures that more information can be obtained about customers. For example, if there is a trend of people becoming confused as to how a product should be used, then an animated explainer video can be used to answer these queries.

It also means that customers can pan for seasonal spikes as well as prepare for times when a business could be restricted.

Understandably, some may have put off updating parts of their business because it’s not used to change. However, the online world is one that needs to be embraced for a business to be at its best, even during more challenging times.

How a business operates online can depend on the nature of the company, but the use of animated videos will always be an important factor to consider when planning to update the business, especially those looking to convey information that will be remembered.

Benchmedia has been offering animated explainer videos for several years and can ensure that affordable and effective animated videos can be created to help your business connect with customers in a more personal way and create some brand awareness in the process.

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