Why is Animation Great For Training Staff?

It’s time for a fresh start

Throw out the books. Do away with the piles of forms and worksheets. There’s a new training medium in town.

It engages, it gets through a lot of information quickly, and it’s remembered long after your staff leave for the day.

From Microsoft to IBM, HSBC to Facebook, big brands and blue-chip businesses all around the world of using video to engage their employees in training. And you should, too – here’s the why and the how and the why.

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Deliver information instantly

We are increasingly a digital society – technology is entwined with our day-to-day lives in each passing moment. Emails, text messages, smartwatches, social media – they’ve trained us to expect speedy.

“Employees are 75% more likely to watch a video than to read documents, emails or web articles”

Which means that we’re always ‘on’ – instantly receiving information and communication that we want and need. This also means that your audience doesn’t want to wade through a booklet or sit through a long presentation.

Animation makes your training instantly digestible – whether your audience are sat at their desks or around the other side of the world.

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Cut through distractions

Give your trainees more than flat-out boring PowerPoints and brochures, printed sheets and monotone presentations.

Give them video that takes them to a world more exciting than a magnolia office.

“Presentations that include visuals like video along with slide text are 9% more effective than text alone when audience comprehension is tested right away”.

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Tell a story that sticks

Effective training isn’t about reading instructions or a long list of rules. At its most effective, it’s about telling a story, and animation can instantly place your audience in the shoes of any character you like – from the big wig CEO, to the frazzled customer who arrives with a complaint.

Grabbing attention (and holding it) is easy – we can switch up the tempo, add interest with a voiceover, and emphasise certain information with on-screen text, while music can make it emotional.

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