Can Animation Help Make Health & Safety Information Fun?

Bring Health & Safety To Life

When you announce health and safety training on a dull, dreary Monday morning, we’re hedging our bets that you’re not met with a spontaneous round of applause.   

And that’s a problem… a big and potentially very dangerous problem.

Employee training is notoriously tricky, especially when it comes to less than glamorous health and safety. Which is unfortunate, as health and safety is critical to you, your employees and your customers.

It’s easy to forget that for all the training that many complain of,  Estimates show 600 to 900 people in New Zealand die each year from work-related diseases and 231,100 work-related injury claims were made in New Zealand in 2017.

Here are six solid reasons why animation should be your go-to when it comes to the health and safety of your workplace.

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Anything Is Possible With Animation

From buildings that burn down to a city that floods, animation can create and make any world you like, which can be especially powerful when it comes to matters of health and safety.

Animation can take you anywhere in the world – and beyond!

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Animation Can Enhance Your Existing Communication

A lot of people don’t care all that much about lifting a box in a certain way, or popping on a hard hat every morning. Why? Because they don’t really believe that anything can go wrong.

Animation can provide context – it can explain not only what the rules are, but what the outcome could be if they aren’t followed.

Ultimately, it can introduce emotion. Which is when people remember to action what they’ve been told during your health and safety training.

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Animated Videos Are Far More Memorable Than Pages Of Text

90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text.

Videos are visual – and visuals are gobbled up by the brain far more readily than pages and pages of text.

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Animation Is Cost Effective

Health and safety isn’t a profit-pushing task. It’s not as alluring as marketing, not as exciting as sales. It’s an essential task for meeting your legal obligations. But it’s just as, if not more than, important as all the above.

Budgets can be tight, timescales too, but animation can fit both, as it’s an incredibly cost-effective training solution. Our animation is quickly turned around, too – with the average 2-3-minute video created within 2 weeks.

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